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World leader partying until morning

Ever imagined being a king or a queen. Yeah, if not, take a moment and thnk about it. All the things you would do. Someone made that dream a reality and did one thing they always wanted to do. Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin was out partying until morning.

The Finnish Prime Minister was in the VIP section at Butcher's Nightclub in Helsinki over the past weekend. She spent the evening with her husband and some friends at a private table.

Marin is just 36 years old and is very young compared to most prime minister of other nations. The Scandinavian is the youngerst person ever to be appointed minister in her country. To put it into perspective, imagine meeting president Rhamaposa at a club in Maboneg. Sanna Marin is not letting glamorous world of leadership stop her from doing activities done other people her age.

Prime Minister Marin reportedly stayed at the club until 4 AM and she had a good time with her husband and friends. In the pictures made public by TMZ, none of them are seen wearing a face mask. They don't seem too worried about COVID-19 or the Omicron variant.

There's a good reason for that. Because she is so good at her job, Finland is doing well in the fight against Covid-19. Under Prime Minister Marin, who took over 2 years ago just before the pandemic hit the world. Finland has achieved a staggering 72 percent vaccination rate and is one of the world leaders in vaccination of citizen.

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