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Zuma's Nkandla homestead vs The Homes In Nkandla


For the public, true leadership is selfless and people-focused, but the Nkandla homestead of former president Jacob Zuma has been enough proof that many leaders are in politics for self-enrichment.

This led to opposition parties, church members, and ANC supporters suggesting that Zuma looted state funds to build himself a mansion worth R260 million, forcing him to resign and pay back the public's money spent on renovations and non-security related upgrades at his homestead.

The monumental corruption continues. For instance, the looted VBS funds have not been recovered and returned to the poor senior citizens. They still have not recovered their lifetime savings. Many politicians are not taking care of the masses, and they continue to take the spotlight off their own corrupt and destructive practices.

Now that the local government elections are close, political parties are once again campaigning in a bid to govern the country. They have once again gone back to the people who placed them in power, seeking their votes. The same voters that they forget once they win the elections.

In disturbing images that have become the talk of the country on social media, the true reflection of how the majority of the people in the republic continue to leave has left many people disappointed in the ANC. While campaigning in Nkandla, the ANC came across a poor family that is living in unbearable conditions and they have vowed to build them a better home.

Regardless of the kind gesture of giving back to the poor, the public is annoyed that the poor family has been living in Nkandla for years, not far from where the multimillion-rand Zuma homestead is, but nothing has been done to help them.

Currently trending on social media, the public demands to know why the Zuma family continues to live a luxurious life whilst the villagers are starving. They have vowed to stop voting for the ANC, citing that they will not be fooled again.

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ANC under Cyril Ramaphosa failed to deal with Zuma. Instead, they continue to bend and misinterpret the law to avoid holding him accountable. Nkandla must be sold on auction to pay back the taxpayers and build homes for the surrounding rural areas in Nkandla.

The public has been bombarded with media reports about how the government designing projects to loot billions from the public. Regardless of the proof, loyalists keep voting for the same party that continues to let them down. Until voters learn to vote wisely, South Africa will remain in the same condition for years to come.

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