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South Africans call for boycott Nandos

In a released statement Nandos said they will be terminating its sponsorship of The Burning Platform, following public outrage over comments made by host Garth Cliff. During the interview, Cliff claimed race was "at the bottom of the list" for many South Africans.

Rakhivhane replied: "They don't experience the type of racism I experience daily." Cliff went on to add that the experience of Rakhivhane was completely anecdotal and unimportant. The show is broadcast on Cliff Central and was sponsored by Nando's for five years.

The statement came at a time when the hast tag Boycott Nandos is trending online. The question that many people have is what's the relationship between Nandos and racism? Are brands responsible for the actions of influencers they sponsor?

Although the majority of people calling for a boycott of Nandos can't afford it anyway the question remains racism or service delivery, which one is a more pressing issue in South Africa today? Jobs or racism which one is a bigger challenge?

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