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It is alleged minister Thulas Nxesi want to ban foreigners from doing small business in South Africa

When the foreigners were nicely asked to go back home to their countries by ordinary South Africans through PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula, they thought it was just a joke. Maybe it was because they had a lot of people on their side. Talk from government officials to journalists. They were all siding with them and now that is just all over. They can not protect them any longer. Their time has run out.

South Africa has been infiltrated by so many foreign nationals and some of them are just too comfortable. They feel at home. However, the party will soon be over. Minister Thulas Nxesi has just acted in favor of the people of South Africa. He heard the cry of the people of South Africa and now he has decided to work on it.

For those who have been saying that they want to destroy PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula, their plan did not succeed. This is the pure work of these movements and they had no choice but to implement the laws that already exist. They turned a blind eye for a long time and now it is time to act. The minister of employment and labor Thulas Nxesi will now ban foreign nationals from starting small businesses in the country, whether they are illegal or legal in the country. The minister is now reserving the market for South Africans only. He also says that South Africans have the right to protect themselves but not with violence.

This is a big win for South Africans but some people are not happy. One can remember very well when the Nigerian government announced that foreigners operating small businesses are no longer permitted to do so and they should leave. The small business market in that country is reserved for only Nigerians. It is not only Nigeria, but many countries are also doing that and no one has come out to criticize them. They are just left off the hook. It is like the news does not even exist. But when South Africa does the same, then you start seeing foreigners going to court trying to challenge the government of South Africa.

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