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OPINION |Avoiding future political uncertainty

Avoiding future political uncertainty

It’s not too dangerous to prophesy that, presuming the ANC wins the next two elections, Ramaphosa will – in his time – face pressure to stand down early in favour of his eventual successor. Perhaps, too, he might prove unwilling to go. South Africa would again be put through the quite unnecessary political uncertainty about the transition from one ANC president to another.

It follows that Ramaphosa should do more than simply ensure that he replaces Zuma immediately. As he does so, he should state unequivocally that the ANC will change the way things are currently done. That it will adopt as undisputed practice that the person elected as president of the party should immediately take on the post of president of the country. This would of course require him to resign following the election of his successor as party leader.

This is a normal democratic practice. It is common sense. It would be stabilising. And it would demonstrate that South Africa is no shithole democracy.

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The basic reason for your pervading transgenerational poverty is not because of witches, your village folk or your ancestors, or a twistedly-interpreted Ham-ic curse from Noah.

The basic reason why you are largely poor despite Africa's wealth of natural resources is that Africans are still slaves to EurAmerica, and slaves are never rich.

If you doubt me, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who controls Africa's 54 Presidents?

2. Who murdered Africa's patriotic Presidents?

3. Who divided and carved up your land without your consent?

4. Does your spendforce and workforce, ie your entire life, primarily benefit your people or your EurAsian slavemasters?

5. Do you know more about your country of Africa than you know about EurAmerica?

6. Which football club do you support?

7. Do you think that africa is a basket case?

8. Are you strengthening the eurodollar or the ACU (African Currency Unit)?

9. Is your national/continental language someone else's language?

10. Is your religion someone else's religion?

11. Are you still in Africa simply because your EurAmerican slavemasters rejected you?

12. Are you striving hard to deny your indeginous identity and replace it with a EurAmerican passport?

13. Do you revel in whitewashed EurAmerican pagan festivals, whilst derogating your own?

14. Do you pride yourself in dressing like your slavemasters?

15. Do you spend your, or your boyfriend's money to deliberately damage your beautiful God-given skin simply to try to look like your EurAmerican slavemasters?

16. Do you despise your African skin colour?

17. Do you despise your African hair?

18. Must you put dead EurAsian hair on your queenly head?

19. So are you actually an African or a transmogrified EurAmerican in black or bleached skin?

20. Must you own a product, job, religion, passport, currency etc. of your slavemasters in order for you to feel fulfilled?

21. Is your employment or business predicated directly on EurAsian goods and services?

22. Is your business or employment simply to sell and promote your slavemasters' businesses?

23. Do you despise your brother's business products whilst proudly and loudly investing in your slavemasters'

24. Do you despise your rich, fertile Holy village land and waste it?

25. Do you celebrate a Caucasian Jesus although He was born in Africa?

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