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Opinion- Enough is Enough leaders wake up

Many years ago, when I was much younger, I heard of news that make end line up till date, as for them technology has not been yet developed to this great extent. When a letter bulb was sent to kill a notable politician as then. But now, with the jet we in our country and in our nations, evil has Been penetrated daily, we have an insurgency in almost part of the nations of the world today.

What is an insurgency: a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerence, this has caused the nations of the world to be restless.

We also have banditry which means an outlaw who lives by plunder, especially : a member of a band of marauders, we have them around us, but with the level of technology we have today, this evil is still prevalent in our nations today. Also, we have a group called Boko Haram in some part of a nation which is call Nigeria, for years now this particularly group have caused a great avoic and the evil is still on, where innocent souls are being massacres, and the individual lives can no longer sleep in their houses because of fear of this invaders. What a tragedy and miss normal.

We also we have a group call Fulani headsmen, this group kill farmers and also rape the wives of these farmers.

And this has caused a major crisis which has led to farming in so part of the nations.

This is my submission, one of the governors in the state his father was kidnap under 24 hours he was release and lose the Central Bank of Nigeria his mother was kidnap under 48 hours his mother was released, and the kidnappers where apprehended, but why is it that this mouthed has been utilized when a commoner is a victim.

I wish to say the government should wake to their responsibility enough is enough of this quagmire, we all have equal right. And we cannot sit and watch our nations and the security of our people be under treat. 

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