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Malema Caught 'Pants Down' As He gets Exposed Again

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has once again been shown to be a flip-flopper as a result of statements he made against the Minister of Enterprise, Pravin Gordhan, during the administration of Jacob Zuma and his current attitude.

During the time when Jacob Zuma was as president, Julius Malema swore that if he were forced to choose between Pravin Gordhan and Zuma, he would pick Gordhan without hesitation. In addition to this, he referred to the previous president and his associates as "criminals," stating that they were an impediment to the development and stability of South Africa.

The same Julius Malema is now demanding for the resignation of Pravin Gordhan as a result of his inability to turn things around at the state-owned company Eskom. He is baying for Gordhan's head.

Jacob Zuma, the last president of South Africa, terminated Pravin Gordhan's employment while he was in office. Many people believe that Zuma did so for a valid cause, and that reason was Pravin's ineptitude.

Individuals who believed that he was being treated unfairly, such as Julius Malema, are the same people who are now demanding that he resign down because Eskom is continuing to turn off the lights.

Some people stated, "We will never forget Julius Malema, and it is a reality that he is the reason why our country is in such a mess.

In addition, some sympathetic to Zuma have asserted that Julius Malema and the members of his party were employed as a weapon with the purpose of combating the former president and diverting attention away from his promises to execute radical economic transformation.

They argued that Malema's legacy would not be complete until it included his being identified as one of the supporters of white monopoly capital to fight against Zuma, but now he is singing a different song and speaking out against capitalists and the repressive inclinations that they have.

"We can't get away from the truth that white monopoly capital used Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to divert Zuma's attention away from his promises for radical economic transformation.

Even when Zuma implored them to come united as blacks in opposition to the seizure of land, they maintained their opposition to nuclear power and the removal of Pravin "an ANC comrade claimed.

This past weekend, Zuma convened a conference with his followers, during which he exhorted them to work toward the unification of all black people in the nation.

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