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OPINION: After a Long Time, Someone in Mnangagwa's Regime Gas Said the Truth

For Zimbabwe to thrive internationally, we must go beyond the rhetoric and commit to concrete action, as part of our trade delegation to Rwanda, Zimbabwe signed 5 cooperation agreements ~ Hon Shava

Once in a while, there is someone in Mnangagwa’s regime who will tell you the truth, I am glad to see the Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Frederick Shava acknowledging that Zimbabwe must go beyond rhetoric and act, there is no Zimbabwean who wants Zim to fail, we all want our country to succeed regardless of who is leading it. What we don’t want are corrupt leaders, when we tell ZANUPF trolls here that Mnangagwa is all about rhetoric and not action, they insult us, now their foreign minister has said it, let us wait on the terraces and see what they write

Out of 54 countries of this continent, the GDP of Zimbabwe is between 25 to 27 on the list, better than Botswana and lot of other countries like Rwanda who are at the bottom end on the list, but somehow those countries seem to be doing much better than Zimbabwe, you will find a Zimbabwean economic migrants even in Lesotho, am I missing something

But personally I think you are part of the problem Mr Shava I have refrained from calling you Hon because there is no honor in committing perjury which you did during the Sandura Commision, you are not supposed to be in this position at all. Zimbabwe has been singing the same song, same tune since 1980. And since 1980 the country has never been painted, what a disgrace and dismal failure, shame on Zanu led government

Its a fact most of just want a president and cabinet that would respect every citizen not only respect rule of law, but to exercise without fear or favour. If I may understand your point I would like to say, do you know that ZANU PF Officials are not suffering from those sanctions and they will never suffer. The only people who are suffering and being affected are the ordinary people of the country so they don't care 

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