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“We Need To Get This Man Out Of Office” — Ramaphosa's Words Allegedly Got People Angry

A young man was highly infuriated by a statement allegedly attributed to president Cyril Ramaphosa as published by The statement not only got this man angry, but many people said that they are fed up with such statements. The statement reads, “Govt task team looking at mandatory vaccines for access to workplaces, public events, public transport and public establishments”. Several people are furious, and they cannot hide their frustration. Someone asked, “All those who don’t want to be vaccinated should be on lockdown and quarantined, as they are a breeding ground for new variants. It will be a good move. A necessary move. We can't keep on having wave after wave where our economy is pummelled, hospitals are overrun, HCWs get overwhelmed and people die unnecessarily. 

People have had ample time to get vaccinated".

The recent surge in Coronavirus in South Africa with the emerging of a new variant is putting the government under pressure to enforce the vaccine mandate to ensure that more people get vaccinated as soon as possible. The government may have to employ a stringent measure to ensure that many people get vaccinated. The vaccinated people are also putting pressure on the government to enforce others to get vaccinated, declaring that they are responsible for the new variants. A Twitter user said that they will do away with president Cyril Ramaphosa if he enforces anything by force, as he asked, “I thought no one was going to be forced to take the vaccine? We need to get #CyrilRamaphosa out of the presidency…This is BS”. However, a Vaccinated South African urged the government, “All those who don’t want to be vaccinated should be on lockdown and quarantined as they are a breeding ground for new variants. Why do we need a task team for this? Just make them mandatory already”.

The people who are vaccinated are saying that it is selfish not to get vaccinated. However, Botswana government said that the new omicron Covid-19 Variant was mainly found in fully vaccinated people and not the unvaccinated people. This statement has gotten people more confused now. Should Botswana government have released that kind of discovery? Now, many people want to avoid getting vaccinated because they believe the omicron variant will likely attack them, but the fully vaccinated people are angry that the anti-vaxxers refuse to take the jab. 

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