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Operation Dudula Meeting With The Police & Home Affairs To Deal With Immigration Crisis

The operation Dudula was having a meeting along with the police as well as a Home Affairs department officials, and the put South Africans first movement in order to discuss the possible Solutions that they can implement to bring about some kind of Justice for the people of south Africa.

Because they have realised that this immigration thing has become a crisis all the while we are having our neighbouring countries unashamedly deporting Zimbabwe nationals and other nationalities, because they realise that they are causing a crisis in the country.

Many people are coming up with the argument that with the increase of immigrants the resources in the country become depleted, because they have to support a huge number of people and this is something that is definitely not good for the Citizens.

Because now they have to fight for the small resources that are available as well as the small opportunities that they have available to them, because now the increasing number of foreign nationals has destabilized the way things were. And it has created a situation where a lot of these individuals have to fight for the basic needs, now of course this is something that is arguable but we have to look at the real issues.

Despite the fact that the foreign nationals are contributing in a very positive manner in the country, now we have a considerable amount of them who are simply not doing a very fine job in terms of ensuring that they are law abiding citizens. Most are committing criminal activities because they come into the country with the impression that they will be able to secure jobs within the first days of arriving, and after finding out the difficulty with securing a job without documents they start to look for other means and ways to make money.

These means are illegal most of the time and endangering our Society as a whole, unfortunately this is the result that we have and the only way to really deal with this matter is to deport the illegal ones.

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