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EFF members spotted working at Night to win more Votes. See what they were doing.

There's no voter apathy in South Africa. What we have is ANC apathy. Traditional voters of VF Plus, DA and ACDP continue to vote. It is traditional ANC voters who have given up hope. The onus is on other political parties to cast their net wider. In 2014 EFF grew from 0% to 6%. In 2019 it grew by a further 4%. How does that amount to voter apathy?

The Economic Freedom Fighters is a South African left-wing to far-left pan-Africanist political party. It was founded by expelled former African National Congress Youth League President Julius Malema, and his allies, in 2013.

Leadership of EFF: Julius Sello Malema (President), Godrich Gardee (General Secretary) and Dali Mpofu (Chairperson). The leader of EFF Julius Malema he is trying so hard and working so hard to win the next coming elections, he wanna take over where ANC left of. Or where ANC is failing to do to the South African nation. And seems like EFF will win the coming elections. Because they are working day and night, putting posters all over the streets. And we all know that membership is very much important in Politics, Traditional Voters are the back bone of each and every Political Parties. Not followers we saw some few days ago. You can't rely on Rented Crowd and think you will win Elections, not in South Africa, that's why they need foreigners.So South African people spotted EFF members putting posters at night. See the pictures below:

EFF members believe that ANC won't win the next coming elections, because EFF members all over Social Media they insult ANC and making jokes with it. They say "ANC is like a cheating husband who keeps asking for forgiveness and promises to change. South Africans are like a woman with low self-esteem who keeps falling for the same lie".

Butat the end we all know that ANC has the best policies, but has thieves as custodians thereof, EFF has policies that are a product of hallucination, and DA has policies embedded in elitism and with no relatability to the man in the street.

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