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Foreigners Will Go Home If South African Government Decides To Do This| Opinion.

If the South African government does this, expats will leave the country.

The situation in South Africa's immigration system is critical at this point. It will take a long time for illegal immigrants to depart South Africa, despite the desire of the local population to see them gone. However, there is a legal route for non-citizens to voluntarily depart the country.

The government's indifference is likely to blame for the current state of South Africa's immigration dilemma. Borders are easily breached, and officials tasked with protecting them routinely turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. However, if the administration so chooses, it can easily rectify the situation.

Refugees typically leave their home nations because of political and social unrest. Those in this situation are commonly referred to as refugees. Refugees are typically housed in camps upon entering a new nation. In South Africa, however, there are no designated refugee camps, and everyone is encouraged to participate fully in local life.

On the other hand, if the government constructs refugee camps and forces illegal immigrants to live there, the immigrants will leave of their own own. The government should also send in the troops to ensure the safety of the refugee camp. Since there will be nothing for them to do in the refugee camps, economic migrants will eventually return home.

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