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"All I see is corruption" The poster of a man who wants to get elected left people In disbelief

The picture of a man who entered the elections of local government election is circulating on social media, and people really couldn't believe what they just saw. People are not against this man entering the election, but they are against the fact that this man is not respecting the position he wants to occupy.

In the poster, it can be seen that this man is just wearing his cap and the way he put his cap It is like he is a thug and for that reason, all people were seeing is just corruption looming. Some people were saying that ANC is just a big joke for allowing such a person to even think that he is capable of leading people.Social media users have shared their thoughts about this man on the posts. Many people saying that it is hard to trust a person who dressed like this guy "Yey all see is for him, but it will end in tears" said a Facebook user. "ANC is a joke, I'm definitely not voting for this dude, the council," said another Facebook user.

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