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Gayton McKenzie Never Changes His Stance On Foreigners|| Listen To What He Said Now

We know that when it comes to the leader of the Patriotic Alliance Gayton McKenzie, he has never been apologetic about how and where he stand when it comes to foreigners. His stances never changes. He is now a mayor at the Central Karoo and he is still talking the same language. Illegal foreigners must go. It can not happen that you can have illegal foreigners in the country who works as a nurse in a country, where there is just so much high unemployment and have the youth who are as much qualified to do the job sitting at home waiting for the R350 grant. Not in this lifetime.

We have seen that many politicians always when they are being interviewed, do not tell it like it is. They always try to sugarcoat things and always want to look like they are the saviors of the world, while they are leaving out their people and sending them back straight to poverty. If there is to be peace in this country, illegal foreigners need to be deported back to their country. South Africans have enough problems of their own and having so much illegal foreigners in the country is not helping at all. The government as it is, it fails to provide service delivery to the people because they have limited resources, yet again the poor people will have to share whatever little they get with these illegal foreigners. They can never share anything with those living in Sandton. South Africans will never rest until this issue is resolved and no matter how long it might take to resolve, it will be resolved.

According to Gayton McKenzie, the country should put its people first. He said that if it were to happen that he was the leader in those hospitals during Covid 19 and several foreigners were on an oxygen machine, and there is a South African who needs it, without the blink of an eye or even thinking about it twice, he would take that machine and put it on a South African. This is the way it should be. You think for your own before you can consider others.

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