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A man on twitter accused Fikile Mbalulas wife of corruption after what he wrote on social media

Fikile April Mbalula (born 8 April 1971 in the Free State) is a South African politician who is currently serving as Minister of Transport. He previously served as both Minister and Deputy Minister of Police and Minister of Sports and Recreation. Mbalula is a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress and former leader of the African National Congress Youth League. He is ethnically a Mpondomise, his clan name is Jola. 

Fikile Mbaluka is married to Nokuzola Mbalula and Nozuko is not just anyone but she comes from a royal family she is a Princess. While Fikile Mbalula may be in the news once in a while, his wife, Nozuko Mbalula, seems to be a private woman. Unlike other wives of politician She hardly attends events with her husband, most of what is known about her are the information made available by her husband and not necessarily herself.

Nozuko might be a private person but one thing about secrets they have a way of coming out. A man took to his social media Twitter account to share some shocking news about the minister's wife Nozuko Mbalula accusing him of corruption.

It's alleged that there's a lot of corruption happening in ANC and people know about it, but people were not pleased by this at all that instead of building 1000 RDP houses she allegedly decided to build only 3 toilets what happened to the rest of the money what did she do with it, is that even possible people ask as they feel people over exaggerate sometimes, but someone also shared something from Sunday times supporting this guy's statement.

Knowing Fikile Mbalula he normally responds when he is tagged or sees anything that involves him, but people tagged him demanding answers but he didn't reply. And that's when people felt that there's something fishy here why is he not responding to this tweet or is he hiding something.

In this kind of thing, it's all up to the court to decide because people are just going to speculate but they say innocent until proven guilty. Yes people are angry and they are tired of all the corruption that's happening in ANC people eating money and failing to deliver what's due to people, but the law will take its course and if it's true she did what they say she did she will have to pay and be punished for it.

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