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OPINION: DA Needs to Ensure That They Don't Lose Their Million Black Voters to ActionSA

Herman Mashaba

He epitomizes the change of political direction the country needs to take now, if we are to avoid being another Nigeria, a country so corrupt that the natural resources are a curse

The ANC did the right thing to create a black middle class. As in other countries, we needed to sustain progress towards a diamond shaped class structure, as the apartheid government did with the whites: a tiny upper class, a small poor class at the bottom and almost everybody part of a big middle class.

Unfortunately, within a decade of the rapid expansion of this class through BEE and EE, the black middle class destroyed the resources needed to accelerate growth and transformation

Kicked the ladder as it were.

Zondo testimony by Lucky Montana and others has given the nation sufficient reason to believe that every passing day the ANC is in office represents national suicide. 

The Hawks, SARS and NPA aren't going to solve the ANC albatross. Only the selfsame black middle class can, if a large percentage of them can be weened from the breast of the ANC and take charge in ActionSA, the DA and other progressive formations. 

Every province has a Mashaba, Mohale, Saul, a Dukwana, Mandisa, Khoza, a Thembekwayo, a Hlahla, a Naidoo, a Goodson

They must be encouraged to blow the whistle when they see a department, an SOE and a municipality divert money towards the election coffers of the ANC. More of them should support a new anti-ANC agenda

Let me say a few words of encouragement

I'm not saying that ActionSA and the DA are perfect. No organization made up of human beings is. But, the two are far better than the ANC can ever hope to be, considering the values that the bulk of their leaders espouse and live by. Political parties work well when the public is vigilant

Don't forget that it is the black middle class that made the DA the official opposition and the governing party in the Western Cape and in Tshwane and Johannesburg. There is no reason to suggest that it has shed this black support 

It is important to ensure that the DA doesn't lose its million or so black voters while ActionSA increases, it's own support, again among members of the black strata. 

What is needed is to win lots more from the ANC. It is the public servants who make the bulk of it's volunteers, particularly in rural areas. They are the target for mobilization around genuine political transformation

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