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Tito Mboweni Blames Zuma Administration For Destroying Investor Confidence In SA

As a result of Mboweni's comments that the RET leader eroded investor trust during Zuma's presidency, Zuma's allies have gone out swinging.

According to Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, President Cyril Ramaphosa is working to restore investor trust that was eroded by former President Jacob Zuma. For this reason, he says, investment in South Africa dried up, but Ramaphosa is making an effort to re-entice investors.

"We must first acknowledge that investor trust in South Africa was severely damaged by the Zuma administration. Investment dries up as an inevitable result of destroying investor confidence "Mboweni, Tito, remarked.

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni's comments have enraged Zuma's fans, who have told him he is spouting nonsense and that he is just another member of the African National Congress (ANC) trying to deflect blame for Ramaphosa's incompetence away from himself and onto Zuma.

Mboweni is being blamed for blocking investments behind Jacob Zuma's back and for letting South Africans down by not advocating for a state-owned bank.

"We might have had our own state bank, but you stopped that, right? You even have a hand in preventing a nuclear power plant, and it was you who lied to investors behind President Zuma's back. This diversionary strategy is so 1990s "claims were made by some, others argued.

"Just to set the record straight, you can't blame everything on Zuma. Everyone in the ANC is to blame. These lost years would not have occurred if the ANC had not been so intoxicated."

After realizing that the factional ANC is failing to attract investment to the country, RET comrade fights back against Tito Mboweni, stating that he is spewing rubbish.

"You're bored old madala, babbling nonsense."

"Zuma, Zuma, everywhere you look. What have you done to reassure those separatist banks and citizens?" Mboweni was the target of gunfire.

Others have pointed out that Zuma hasn't been in charge for years, so it's not fair to keep laying blame at his feet when it should really be laid at Ramaphosa's feet.


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