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Ronald Lamola Revealed Something Strange About The ANC

Ronald Lamola Revealed Something Strange About The ANC

Date: 2022/01/19

Ronald Lamola from the African National Congress has revealed a very strange situation in the ANC, he openly said that the party is about to hold its conference in June this year for the upcoming elections which are going to be some of the biggest they have ever had this year.

The party is planning to become some of the biggest in the world, they are also managing to make things happen just as long as they continue to do things by protocol they will forever be at the top of food chains also they should make sure they limit the number of people who are negative in their surrounding.

Ronald and the other members of the top 6 also want to move up on the food chain, if these companies would do right by the people and give them salaries that make sense so they can pay to get to work and not go bankrupt while doing it things would be so much better.

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They opened up everything, but they forgot that the price of petrol is up, so all they want is for us to continue killing each other for absolutely nothing which is the most stupid thing that they have ever done.

African National Congress (South Africa)

Things should be fair, people that are employed should not be subject to such unfavorable conditions where they were used to comfort compared to last year when things were completely different and people live an awesome life.

Lamola is great, he managed to make things work for himself and his family, now all that he is supposed to do is make it work for the people so we can all have an easy life that will be good for our souls and we can all be in positions of success and wealth, not just for one person to be torn down just because they keep a positive mindset in a room full of vultures.


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