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" If You're Broke, Camp Inside The Homes Of ANC Leaders, They're Rich Thanks To You " - COSAS


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The Congress Of South African Students (COSAS) has always been a radical and militant man. For one, in 2013, their 'pass one, pass all" slogan that began in the eighties received official approval from the ANC government. The context under which it occurred in the eighties was justifiable, given the political turmoil of the time and the fact that it was Bantu Education after all.

However, in a democracy, the authorities have a responsibility to provide a Black child with quality education.

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, members of COSAS caused chaos in private schools as they asked why should their learners be getting an education while poor Black learners from government schools who told to stay at home.

They threatened teachers, protested inside private schools, and disrupted learners, demanding that every learner should stay at home. Ever since then, the organization is known to be aggressive and does not take no for an answer.


In a video that has gone viral, COSAS National spokesperson Douglas Ngobeni has called upon poor ANC voters who do not have money for a luxurious lifestyle to annoy ANC leaders.

He says that if voters are around children of ANC leaders who are popping champagne and eating expensive food, the voters must eat and drink with them because whatever that is being eaten belongs to the voters.

He adds that if they drive expensive cars and steal girlfriends/boyfriends of ANC voters, the voters must get inside the cars as well because it is their sweat and blood.

Lastly, he urges poor voters who have nowhere to stay and nothing to eat to go and invade the homes of ANC leaders, because the leaders were elected by voters and wouldn't be where they are if voters did not cast their vote.


Public's Opinion

This has left many people in stitches, with others suggesting that EFF fighters must join the 'revolution'. Others, however, are saying that the Cosas spokesperson will get people arrested.

Author's Opinion

People will spend their Christmas holidays behind bars if they listen to such advice from Cosas. This mission must be aborted.

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