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Opinion - The Nature Of Politics In This Country Is Inhumane

The Nature Of Politics In This Country Is Inhumane. It Is Not Humane. Politics Has Ceased To Be A Vehicle Of Service To The People In This Country. There Is No Servant Leadership In The Country. It Is A Passport To The Riches. An Opportunity To Get Rich. It Has Become A Job.

A Means In Which People Can Receive Or Benefit From Tenders. That's Why So Many People Want To Join Politics Nowadays And Become Mayors And Councilors - Even Those Who Know Nothing. They See It As An Avenue To The Riches And The Good Life. Just Look At The Lifestyles Of Politicians. Their Cars, Their Houses, Their Clothes, Their Salaries And The Watches They Have On Their Wrists. This Is What Makes Politics Attractive. People Want The Good Life. They Want The Money And The Comfortability. That's Why They All Want To Become Politicians. They Want A Slice Of The Cake.

They Are Waiting For Their Turn. Just Look At The Political Killings In The Country - Especially In KZN. People Are Being Killed For Their Political Beliefs. Those In Positions Of Power Are Hiring Assassins To Kill Their Opposition. They See Opposition As A Threat To The Food On Their Table. A Threat To The Benefits That They Enjoy. They See Opposition As The Enemy.

Just Look At The Inhumanity In That! Political Parties Are Always Fighting. Always Bad Mouthing Each Other And Finding Fault In Everything They Do. Some Politicians Don't Even Look At Each Other As Human Beings First. They See Each Other As Enemies First. The ANC Is Politically Intolerant In KZN. In Some Areas, You Aren't Even Allowed To Campaign.

In Some You Can, But You Must Inform The Councillor Before You Do Anything. The Drive In Terms Of Our Politics Is Not Right. It Is Inhumane. It Is All About Self-Service, Greed, Ambition, Evilness And Criminality. We Don't See Each Other As Servants Of The People.

Our Focus Isn't On Identifying The Problems Facing Our People And Working Together In Finding Solutions For Them. All We Ever Do Is Fight Against Each Other.

In addition I Refer To This Type Of Politics As "Stomach-Politics." We Are Led By Ogombelakwesabo, We As The Citiziens Give These People Power And If Anybody Has The Power To Get Rid Of Them It's Us.

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