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"Vote ANC Or Your City Will Be Run By Those Who Don't Care" Says Ramaphosa

Date: 21/10/21



Everyone is well aware that the campaigning for the local elections are well underway and people are doing everything to gain votes. The ANC has been campaigning in different places all around the country and it has been pleading for people to vote for it instead of the other parties. Cyril Ramaphosa reached an all-time low today when he told the people of Khayelitsha something they never expected.


The president of South Africa said to the people of the city of Cape town that they should vote for the African National Congress and they should come in numbers. He continued to say that if they are not vote for the ANC they will be leaving the city to people who do not care for them and they are well been.

Below is what Ramaphosa actually said:

"If you do not come in numbers, the (City of Cape Town) municipality will be in the hands of people who don’t care about you, who don’t do anything for you, and who don’t regard you as deserving service delivery"


It is quite obvious that the president of the African National Congress was taking a swipe at the Democratic Alliance. Everyone knows that the Democratic Alliance is actually running the province of Western Cape. This was definitely an indirect jab at the party.

He's clearly saying that the African National Congress actually cares more for the people of khayelitsha than those that are currently in power. This clearly shows that they are trying everything to win votes for the African National Congress at this point.

This is obviously showing that the African national Congress is losing their grip on power at the moment and they're trying everything to win. It is however nearly impossible for the people of western cape to change from voting DA to ANC.

What is your take on the matter?

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