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Good News To The South Africans

We know that the country has been in a very serious pandemic which took the lives of many South African. Since the beginning of Festive season a lot of people have lost their lives which caused the President to close down alcohol for the whole festive season. People we're staying at home. During that time a lot of elderly people were losing their lives.

Mr President decided to take the country back to Level 3 and things started to get better. There is a vaccine which people are using against the virus. Now the sales of the alcohol is going back to normal. Alcohol companies were losing lot of money. Some Companies closed down because they could keep up anymore.

Although the virus is still here , some companies will not survive hence some are retrenching. Now gathering are allowed but not more than 50% of people. Let us hope that it will be for the best. Let us hope that it will not affect us in a long run. A lot can happen in a short space of time. This is very sad because the economy of our country is falling down because of the pandemic. Many has lost jobs and it is very much sad indeed because Mr President is only trying to help us. Although do not take it that way. He tried his best in this pandemic and he is still doing his best to save people.

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