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Zuma Has Done A Lot For Black South Africans

Despite all the bad publicity, Zuma has made some strides and made inroads in the lives of black South Africans.

The Black Business Federation (BBF) on Thursday came through to visit former President Jacob Zuma at his Nkandla homestead to express gratitude and support for black businesses during his 9-year tenure as president, particularly those in townships and rural areas. ., followed a string of individuals and organizations that have in recent months paid visits to Jacob Zuma. IOL

Zondi said that Zuma made efforts that led to admirable economic improvements to black South Africans despite the many skeptics who believed that local black business should not be prioritized and who wanted all Zuma projects to fail, to continue the '9 waisted years' narrative. IOL

It is my view that no person is all bad, and this is especially true now that Zuma isn't in power and I can compare him to Thuma Mina Cyril Ramaphosa who, in my opinion, has undone the work of Zuma by allowing a +-R7 petrol hike to occur thus pushing up food. It is the most vulnerable that feel the food prices the most, and the most vulnerable are the black community - which is the majority in South Africa. It is my view that we now pay much more for items, especially food; clothes, and other necessities than we should and yet we still we are yet to feel the most recent petrol hike when the retails need to cushion their turn over by passing on the costs to the consumers. BusinessTech

Zondi continued to say that even despite the controversy surrounding Zuma, he had achieved several accomplishments and milestones during his presidency that had not received the respect or credit they deserved. IOL

I have to agree with Zondo here. Zuma's government’s efforts to collaborate with the labor and business sectors to establish an enabling climate for the economic growth and development of local black businesses by providing policy clarity and increasing investor confidence.

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