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OPINION|| The Post Zuma Future Is The Existential Question Facing Black Leadership

Zuma had previously never given an economics lecture nor written an article, let alone published a book expounding his economic perspectives. But we clothed him with such progressive and socialist beliefs such as we hadn't seen in Mandela and Mbeki 

He was clothed with Messianic credentials of Moses of the Hebrews by Communists, unionists, clergy, biographers, capitalists and many other opinion makers. Such is the seductive and stupefying powers of a cult of personality.

So, with such overwhelming support from diverse communities, he represents the sum total of the ideological, strategic, ethical and intellectual choices we black collective made when the country was at a crossroads: ideologically, politically and economically

We defended him, laughed with him, hung on to his every word. We villified those of the opposition who criticized him for his obviously flawed moral character. After all, said we, he was one of our own. He is our creation, our likeness and image. He is the leadership we chose and deserve. 

Now that Zuma and his faction are behaving true to nature, some of us are trying to sound sanctimonious. C'mon NOW, the big question is.....  

Have we (black middle classes, the beneficiaries of his corrupt politics) learnt our lessons regarding what constitutes wise political and economic decision making? Hardly. 

There is no sign of reflection, repentance and effort to rediscover and choose truly ethical leadership. There is no tentative move towards new self definition, rededication and remobilizing the fragmented black opinion towards a new vision and a different set of policy choices 

Ramaphosa seems to be not quite the change leader we need. The types of Herman Mashaba and Makhosi Khoza are anachronisms. 

The worst among the worse black leadership such as Zuma, Malema and Magashule draw bigger crowds than the obviously upright leaders we need to be able to bring back respectability to the black government. 

Such as Mashaba, Maimane, Khoza, Steenhuizen, Baloyi, Mashego, Saul, Gordhan and others in the Coloured and Indian communities across religion and ideology.


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