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Somalians Are All Over QwaQwa|| See Who Is At The Forefront Of A Service Delivery Protest

The problem of undocumented immigrants in South Africa must be addressed with even greater vigor by the country's citizens. We already know that the government is ill-prepared and unwilling to deal with this crisis as it arises. The only thing they have to say about the issue is "xenophobia," but they don't have a long-term solution.

A popular demand among South Africans is that law enforcement officials require identification documents from everyone entering the nation. Everybody, even if it's someone they believe to be foreign. This is done so that illegal immigrants can be deported back to their home nations. Ramaphosa, on the other hand, blasted the police for doing their jobs. In order to win this, the people will have to fight even harder. When foreigners are protected, it's because the government isn't concerned about it at all. Because, after all, they live in mansions surrounded by high walls and under heavy guard.

These individuals are gaining control of the government of South Africa. One of the places they've recently invaded is Qwaqwa. Residents in that section of the country are staging a walkout in protest of inadequate service. They don't have any water and the roads are in terrible shape.

However, you may expect the march to be led by members of the QwaQwa community, but this is not the case. The people of QwaQwa are being represented by a Somalian who can hardly speak. They're all listening intently to what this man has to say. This is a source of great shame for you.

QwaQwa residents and South Africans alike are humiliated by this. In other countries, nothing like this will ever happen. A South African can't do what they are doing currently in QwaQwe since it's illegal in Somalia. This merely goes to illustrate how quickly and easily foreigners can seize control of South Africa.

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