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History of anti-apartheid Goldberg

QDenis Theodore Goldberg was a prominent member of the ruling African National Congress and stood trial alongside Nelson Mandela. He spent 22years in prison apartheid the racist system of oppression imposed by the White minority government.

He was born in South Africa in 1933 11 April in Cape Town and he studied engineering and in his final year he met Esme Bodenstein who came from a family of active in the communist party. before he became the part of a banned communist party in the 1957 and taking part in a campaign of non-violent resistance to apartheid regime. He got married in January 1954 and his daughter was born in 1955 and son was born in 1957.

Goldberg wife was a committee member of non-racial segregated Morden youth society (MYS) , through which Denis became friends with Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo , who later Co-founded (SWAPO ) SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE'S ORGANISATION. Goldberg also became involved in the Congress of Democrats. Although these activies we not illegal , the couple and other activists were constantly harassed by the Security police , who were building up dossiers on these involved.

In 1957 Goldberg joined the communist party (which had been banned in 1950). He was arrested on 30March 1960 for supporting strikers in the townships in the after maths of the sharpville. Goldberg was charged under the sebotage and suppression of communism Acts for campaign to overthrow the government by violent revolution and for assisting an armed invasion of the country by foreign troops.

The great hero of Apartheid fallen on the 29th of April 2020.

For more information about our great apartheid hero please the links below

"Denis Goldberg , prominent South African racial equality activist and close ally Nelson Mandela dies at the age of 87".

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