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Hakainde Hichilema's first 100 days in the office

Hakainde Hichilema I have 2 concerns.

Bars or night clubs 18hrs to 20hrs entertainment business, we earn a living from late night events and this time of the year is were we make money. Your implementation hasn't highlighted any option of how we will sustain ourselves during this period. Half loading of public transport, the seats onthe bus are directly calculated as the daily cashing for the drivers, so that means buses will be running on a loss, unless cashing

0/10 and this is me being nice, all talk and no proper actions. I convinced everyone in my home to vote for you, but so far I look stupid, pull up your socks.

Edit: I can commend you on removing cadres from markets and bus stations, however, your government needs to put in place measures to empower these people with skills and resources that they can use to better their lives. Crime has become so rampant and people are no longer safe even in their own homes

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Hakainde Hichilema


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