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If South Africans Do Not Vote Out The ANC in 2024, Then They Must Not Complain About These Things.

People in South Africa should not complain about these issues unless the ANC is voted out of office in 2024.

In recent years, the ANC's reputation among South Africans has deteriorated. A change in government is desired by the people of the country, but elections are required to do so in 2024. 

Many have remarked on Twitter and other social media channels that the ANC has to go. These are, nevertheless, the thoughts of South Africans every year, and yet they continue to cast their ballots for the ANC. The ANC has a good chance of winning another term in 2024. When asked on Twitter why South Africans shouldn't whine about their lack of access to power and other basic services if they vote for the ANC again in 2024, one user replied that they should. What he actually said was...

If the people of South Africa do not vote out the ANC in 2024 they must not complain about: Unemployment There can be no service provided if infrastructure is not operational. No future No hope Because you will get what you vote for, sorrow & unhappiness !! Viva ANC". 

Though it is difficult to make it through life with the ANC, we must recognize that they may be the only viable political option for South Africa in the future. We can't put the EFF or any party in office without knowing their competence when it comes to macroeconomic concerns. Please share your thoughts on this matter. Comment here and let us know what you're thinking. Follow, like, and share for more information and updates.


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