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Somalian Selling Down my Street just Shut Down his Spaza Shop - SA Man Says.

Illegal businesses operated by foreign nationals have finally been brought to an end. A few months before, a slew of advocacy organizations had begun a campaign to shut down any businesses owned by illegal immigrants who weren't registered.

Others argue that Spaza shops are selling poisoned goods to South Africans since they are full of expired goods.

Mike Ramothwala, a South African Twitter user, expressed his joy after a Somalian Spaza business owner decided to close it down because he feared that the establishment would be invaded by irate patriots.

When the Somalian decided to leave his village, he was commended for making a wise decision.

As the country has a high unemployment rate and foreigners should not be allowed to create small businesses targeted at helping the local population, he said that this type of action was necessary.

This is how he put it: "

It pleases me politically that the Somalian down the street has closed his shop, because our high unemployment means that we can't let outsiders to come and manage our Spaza shops. He declares, "We are regaining our village economy."


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