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Cameroonian Man Who Looks Like Cyril Ramaphosa Got People Talking (Opinion)

People sometimes looks very identical to an extent that the next person might conclude that they're siblings.The majority of the black people or the africans are in one way or the other shares some appearance similarities,regardless of one's country of origin,the fact that they're all africans cannot be manipulated by the borders.Some of the identities are very questionable and requires some biological research to trace and study the family pedigree of the two or more people who looks identical to each other but had never known each other.The Africans are very scattered,this is all because of their colonial history.there are few things that keeps the connection between the people of the same roots alive,for an example,the Lozi speaking people in Zambia shares some linguistic similarities with the Sotho,Tswana and Pedi speaking people,that is the clear indication that they were somewhere somehow related.The social media detectives had traced the guy who looks very identical to the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.The two gentlemen looks very identical to a point that the someone who's not familiar with one of the faces can hardly draw the difference between them.The foreign guy who's origins are very controversial got people talking in the social media.There are many people who are now the south africans but have the foreign parents,the Kwaito legend Oskido is one celebrity known to be a Zimbabwean by origins,it is highly possible to find someone who very identical to Oskido in Zimbabwe,infact,the Zimbabweans,Basotho from the country of Lesotho and Tswanas from Botswana are sharing names and surnames with the south africans.The surnames like Mofokeng are common between the Sothos and Tswanas regardless of one's country of origins.The surnames like Ndlovu and Hadebe are found in both south africa and Zimbabwe.The late mayor of Johannesburg Jodilee Matongo was a son of the Zimbabwean migrant worker.Some of the south africans who are not in good terms or uncomfortable with the presence of the african foreign nationals in their country wanted to use Ramaphosa's similarity with the foreign guy as a reason why he's not interested in closing the country's borders.The south africans had long called on the government to do something about the illegal immigrants in the country,this was all because some of the foreigners are biting the hands that feeds them by committing a very serious crimes in south africa against the south africans.The south africans are still trying to understand why the government is so reluctant to close the borders and deport the illegal people.

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