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Here Is Why South Africans Love This Zimbabwe guy, see who he is and why

See South Africa's favorite Zimbabwean dude right here. Learn his identity and motivation. 

Many people in South Africa, especially in the wake of the immigration crisis, are under the false impression that it is impossible for their countrymen and their neighbors in Zimbabwe to get along. But love does exist, and South Africans will love any foreigner, especially a Zimbabwean, who gives them good advice. 

Famous Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin'ono has captivated the hearts of South Africans with his advice for Zimbabweans to return home. To avoid the severe criticism he receives from South Africans, Hopewell has been urging his fellow Zimbabweans to return home and vote for change.

One Zimbabwean man captured a picture of Chin'ono boarding a bus to Zimbabwe, so his words of wisdom to his compatriots clearly resonated. This individual stated that he needed to return home to cast his ballot. A few of the commenters were also Zimbabweans who said they, too, were returning home to register to vote. 

The South Africans praised Chin'ono's efforts and vouched for his future success "You've done well in encouraging people to cast ballots in their native country. Hold the fort ". 

What we South Africans want is for @edmnangagwa to be gone as soon as possible and for @ZANUPF Official to be consigned to the dustbin of history in Zimbabwe. The post's retweets show even more support from South Africans. 

If only Zimbabweans had someone to look up to for motivation, they might have been able to take charge of their country and ensure its own progress and liberation a long time ago. They may take a cue from South Africans, who are notorious for fighting back against tyranny and demanding what they want. Despite the fact that Hopewell is a fantastic leader, Zimbabwe requires more backing from South Africa to encourage them to vote for change. 

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