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Botswana and Zimbabwe are reserving certain jobs and business space for their citizens without fear


Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and Botswana are some of the countries in Africa where if you are not their citizens you are not allowed to operate salons, Spaza shops, work in resturants, farm workers, construction, truck driving, media in instance of Zimbabwe and also certain areas in Mining and other areas deemed not critical skills. What about us are those in power understanding the hunger and anger of ordinary South Africans? Or they are happy with their fat salaries claiming to be leaders of the masses while the real masses on the ground are fuming? Please those in power listen to the cries of your children. Listen, listen and listen to them before they lose patience with youWhile Malema say foreigners are not foreigners but African brothers and sisters, Instead of addressing the causes of their reasons to come here, they come here because their countries failed to govern properly due to corruption, greed and selfishness that led to poor economies civil unrests and wars, we as South Africans must never allow our country to be destroyed as we have go no where to run to, borders must be closed, adherence to influx control laws, deportation of these people if not, we rather allow the current status to continue. We are lead by those who want to impress everyone at our own expense. They hate us but keep on coming to our country the bad they have done here it cannot happen in their countries. The only problem is that South Africa behave like a Africa's Samaritan, our leaders think they can solve all the problems in Africa

If ANC government can't stop them from coming in illegally, I can tell yuu now that even if there can be jobs reserved for citizens, foreigners will still do those jobs simply because the problem is not the laws but implementation of those laws. But I salute those countries for protecting their own

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