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‘This Four hard working minister’s Were not Removed from the Cabinet for This Reasons- Opinion

Numerous people are unhappy about why these four ministers are still in the cabinet following last night's leadership change. Other observers believe that they have no business in the cabinet, so they'll be denied. That group of ministers includes: 

Minister of Higher Training and Educational Blade Nzimande. 

Fikile Mbalula, who serves as the transportation minister. 

Bheki Cele-a member of the police force since 2014 

Engie motshekga 

The following are the reasons why these four cabinet members were not fired. 

Blade Nzimade 

Throughout the entire pandemic, Blade has been putting in long hours each night and each day to make sure that the university keeps up with the academic calendar. This year, he has taken steps to avoid any student strikes or protests during the H1N1 influenza pandemic period. President Johnson thus became aware of his competence and kept him in the cabinet. 

Fikile Mbalula: Fikile Mbalula 

Stability has been our transport minister's top priority during the lockdown. The situation in the taxi association was extremely precarious, but he did his best to ensure that it remained stable. As transportation department secretary, there has been tranquility in the dept. Therefore, he was not suspended. 

Bheki Cele 

Judgement in the media has been lukewarm for Bheki. The #FreeZuma protest gave many people cause to doubt his ability. They believe she could have prevented the looting and protests. Ramaphosa, however, states that Cele exhibited exceptional leadership qualities because she did not base her decisions on what people say, but what she saw as right. He appears to believe Bheki Cele might have committed atrocities if he had made a mistake during the demonstrations. Thus, it is why he believed she deserved to be in the cabinet. 

Engie motshekga 

A source close to Ramaphosa stated that Engie is among those members of the cabinet that he most trusts. To ensure she was able to serve as a having to act deputy president in his absence, he even had her placed in that role before he left. Ramaphosa had faith in Angie and felt she could be trusted. Since she was not ousted from the cabinet, that's why.

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Bheki Cele-a Blade Engie Fikile Mbalula Nzimande.


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