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The DA Should Be Ashamed After Saying The Indians In Phoenix Are Heroes Just For Votes


It's common for political parties to try and paint one another negatively in order to get an advantage by securing more votes. However there should be a limit to this type of behaviour. But for the DA, that doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder why they keep on registering with the IEC, there is absolutely no why that they will ever win the elections. The EFF would stand a much higher chance in winning the elections than the DA would. It also must be mentioned that the DA is the most hated political party in South Africa, due the fact that their party is considered as a racist party that does not care for black South Africans.

A Twitter user shared a post showing two DA placards located in Phoenix with the words, "The ANC called you racists, The DA calls you heroes". This is absolutely an absurd thing to say unless someone truly has a deep hatred for black South Africans.

What happened in Phoenix was really an emotional thing which till this day hasn't been properly addressed. It has been swept under the carpet. It's such a shame that 36 black South Africans were killed in Phoenix by Indians and the DA is taking advantage of this by calling the Indians in Phoenix, heroes. Just how much does the DA hate the black community? It's this same DA that wants the Western Cape to be it's own country, but that will never happen, as long as the EFF is there, it will never happen.

Whoever wrote that placard should be charged with hate speech. We can't have such people living in this country. What are your thoughts on this matter? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Please like, share and help News.info20 reach 5 000 followers. Thank you.

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