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BREAKING NEWS: Mandela plans against Zuma Revealed

It’s now appears as if President Jacob Zuma is fighting many battles within the structure of the African National Congress. It’s like there are many within the ANC who are now joining hands to battle against him and put him down , but knowing President Jacob Zuma very well , he will fight till the end because of this.

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Its clear that many can have plan against you to put you down and destroy you all the times , but in most cases , it’s up to you on how you soldier on going forward and ensure that your matters and issues are resolved at all and you do not end up down falling.

Politics in their nature it’s always reveal people fighting and battling against each other on a daily basis , things we must always ignore . The unity of politicians in politics can always benefit the people who are on the ground on a daily basis .

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Its said there wa a meeting which was scheduled for former president Jacob Zuma and certain leaders in Qatar . And Mandla Mandela was sent to be one of the people to stop such meeting from happening at that particular point and time .

On the letter he wrote , Mr President Jacob Zuma emphasizes in ensuring that some of these things are being revealed in that particular thing in most cases , For which is right so that he clear his name by all means necessary.

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The question remains on what Mandla was intending to achieve in the matter of stopping president Jacob Zuma from attending that particular meeting. There is no way a person can just decide to stop your things without intending to benefit anything along the process , it’s obvious there is a package he was intending to benefit along the way.

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