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IFP joins Operation Dudula motion

The Inkata Freedom Party, which is one of the major opposition parties in the Republic of South Africa and is led by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, took the step to join hands in hands with the Operation Dudula motion yesterday during the parliamentary session. This was done under the leadership of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. 

Operation Dudula has been very active recently, working tirelessly to persuade the leadership in this country to prioritize South Africa in all aspects of the nation's life. They are campaigning for the mass deportation of foreigners, particularly undocumented immigrants who live and work along the borders of the Republic of South Africa. 

The Inkata Freedom Party (IFP) made their position known in the parliament of the republic of South Africa yesterday. They believe that South African citizens should be given preference when it comes to jobs that are open in the country. 

This demonstrates that they are currently operating in accordance with the motion of the operation Dudula, which is to prioritize job prospects for South Africans. 

Gayton McKenzie extended his gratitude to the Inkata Freedom Party for supporting the resolution, which is also being supported by the Patriotic Alliance.


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