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"Action SA clears the beef against foreigners, "the enemy in South Africa is not foreigners, but ANC

Politics is a dirty game, these politicians they just know where to touch for you to be able to vote them into power. Julius Malema is taking the issue of the Land. He want the land back to black people. The question is, is it what he wants or is just campaigning strategy?

Herman ashabaM is coming to say we want to fix the issue of illegal foreigners in South Africa. Another question is, does he want to fix the issue of illegal foreigners in South Africa or is just a winning bait? Those are the questions that we can ask these politicians.

I remember when he Julius Malema started with his party, he was also singing the same song like Herman Mashaba. Today Julius Malema is the same person who is defending the foreigners. So never put your trust in politics, you'll be disappointed. Never put your trust in political parties, they bring you nothing but false hope. Just work hard and focus on your life. You just vote so that we can have a leader, but none of these guys are better.

"Let me be absolutely clear; The enemy in South Africa is not foreigners. The enemy is our government and its poor attempts at immigration control.

But, we cannot remain silent in the face of the breakdown of the rule of law in our cities.

Ultimately, the causalities of inaction will be our poorest residents, & law-abiding foreign nationals.

Whilst I will always welcome foreign nationals, particularly those with skills & investment, we have to be able to protect the best interest of South Africans & put them first. 

Access to our borders therefore cannot be an uncontrolled free for all.

At a local government level; Municipal budgets and planning cannot be effective if municipalities do not have accurate data on how many residents they are serving.

Municipal grant funding from national government relies largely on population estimates, which do not include the number of undocumented foreign nationals and may not keep track with internal migration.

The project of revitalising our inner cities requires us to be 𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘁 about the population challenges within our cities, and I will not shy away from addressing the challenge unlawful immigration presents on the management of cities and the availability of resources.

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