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OPINION| The ANC has been taught the lesson of life

While I have never been a fan of the ANC, it's current state is quite sad. Many people do owe their freedom to them and all the others who were not part of the ANC who fought Apartheid. They could have really turned this country into something great, if they had just lead correctly, and not been more interested in lining their own pockets and those of their comrades. Now that would be an absolute blessing for all SA citizens, the ANC have done nothing but destroy SA as well as ensuring the enrichment of the politically connected, to a mind boggling degree. He is the best president, I just wish he had a back bone to deal with the ANC Criminals, any way he might be the last ANC government ruler.

Bankrupt ANC cant afford to campaign again, I feel for the employees going unpaid, no UIF and no pension contributions. They risk losing their total pension contributions, maybe Cyrill can make a video on his death bed as last President of ANC. The ANC has been taught the lesson of life, you can fool some of the people some of the time but can't keep fooling all the people all the time. What has happened in the last few days, shows people are getting wise to the ANC lies. They brought it about on themselves, hopefully this will be the start of the end, what we all need is a stable and trusting government at every level

What happened to the saying " ANC will rule till Jesus come back, it seems like voters are slowly bringing Jesus back. They thought Zuma was bad now this guy be pausing covid, and playing it for us like its his baby now he even have a date of when covid will start killing us

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