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SA attack minister Lindiwe Sisulu for saying that freedom of speech is dead in SA

This is true and I’ve gone through it. I’ve been treated like we are still in an Apartheid state. But that won’t stop me from speaking my mind and the truth. 

Some angry youth in South Africa said to Lindiwe Sisulu on Twitter that, What mind are you going to speak. You should at least let the branches speak. What mind are you speaking yourself now? Should you be stopped saying what you are saying? If not, then @LindiweSisuluSA is very right. Do not oppose for opposing. At least the branches should be the ones speaking …apart from that royalty doesn’t work in the ANC, being anti-freedom of speech is very dangerous & not a laughing matter! We observe neocolonialist agents in ANC being anti-freedom of speech, eager to prevent the transformation of RSA for the greater good of black South Africans. The status quo cannot be maintained. 

What mind except being opportunistic it is you who approved all of these laws now you turned against them really you are taking South Africans for granted I think Malema analyzed you very well, Your view of “freedom of expression” seems to be to flip/flop from one perspective to another when it is in your self-interest to do so. I think that is also known as prostituting one's self. You won’t win at the December conference,, though. But good luck with the free speech thing. 

Lindiwe you know you are pushing your narrative. Countless wrong things have happened in this country,, especially during Zuma's time. Where was your loud mouth?

The bottom line is you are an opportunist riding on your family name dreaming of becoming President of this country.


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