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“You Are Corrupt To The Core Of Your Soul And You Should Resign”—Dave Gaybba To Ramaphosa

Dave Gaybba, a foremost critic of President Cyril Ramaphosa, and a white South African recently lashed the president, telling him that he is corrupt to the soul. Mr Gaybba felt angered that Ramaphosa is trying to exonerate himself from all that happened during the turbulent presidency of Jacob Zuma, and now, he is talking as if he is cleaning up the corruption. But Dave Gaybba who is always analysing the government of President Cyril Ramaphosa noted that it is now the real corruption is taking place, and he urged president Cyril Ramaphosa to resign. This is not the first time Dave Gaybba will be advising Ramaphosa to resign. He wrote, “You are corrupt to the core of your soul and should resign! You sold out South Africa to your Cabal friends and became filthy rich at the cost of the (your own) people… Do not talk about freedom and constitution! May God give you 10 times what you imposed on the people”.

Dave Gaybba further revealed how president Cyril Ramaphosa made his money, saying it was an ill-gotten money because he sold his people and country to the cabals who are running the country. Dave Gaybba in the past have said that it is a small group of cabal that are running the government from behind, and Ramaphosa is just at the forefront taking instructions from them on what to do. Ramaphosa posted a message that South Africans must defend the constitution because it is the symbol of democracy, “We need to protect our Constitution, our democratic state and the electoral process from anyone who wants to weaken our democracy and deny the South African people of their hard-won freedom”. This singular statement provoked many people on social media, especially Twitter, where president Cyril Ramaphosa made the statement. It was meant to encourage the people, but the president got more than he bargained for.

Many criticisms flew in from right and left, attacking Ramaphosa and his government. There have been a series of attacks on the president recently, the most recent being the insults heaped on him by the Economic Freedom Fighters political party member, Naledi Chirwa. Another person asked Ramaphosa on Twitter after he posted the message, “Mr President sir, What does democracy even mean if we are hungry without jobs, high teenage pregnancies, not to mention the level of crime, gender-based violence and the misuse of Government funds. Are we really free? Or freedom is used to cover the reality of our country”. 


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