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OPINION| The Rule of Law Has Collapsed in South Africa

Given the history of rule under the ANC, I'm not so confident, and not even inspired that the so-called war veterans will ever appear in our courts, let alone having charges commensurate with their crimes put to them! We are still awaiting the so-called 12 known instigators of the (failed) insurrection that took place in July, by the way. This will not happen precisely because the ANC is directly responsible for all thisYou see, to the ANC what is of utmost importance is the ANC, and the ANC only! It is the number of people that keep it in office to control the levers of power that matters most. It doesn't matter to the ANC, how threatened the security of the state and country may be. As long as it is in power, that's what matters. It doesn't matter how serious the offenses against the state may be, if those offenses are committed by it's members, the ANC will do everything NOT to punish them appropriately, this is the liberation which was supposedly delivered to the country

I am really baffled by their absurd medical access demand as if they are in favor of wmc medical facilities than the state hospital. However, I am not in favor of the military veterans narrative because it has a tendency, of excluding my personal contributions to the liberation of this country until democracy was achieved. Maybe the UDF detachment should and must converge and structure their repatriations because some amongst us, lost their chance for education running away from state security from province to province and properties

The Rule of Law has collapsed in the RSA, the one with the best Constitution, the happenings of St George's Hotel is tantamount to treason but wait and see.Is there any arrests and prosecution after the July events in KwaZulu-Natal, the answer is a big no, MKMVA ?Infiltrated and used to undermine the State


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