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Mboweni's Tweeter Stirred Up Debate About ANC's Role In Fighting Apartheid System Not White People

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni's statement on the ANC's fight against the apartheid system has had tongues wagging on social media.

Mboweni sparked debate at the weekend when he said the governing party had fought against the apartheid system, not white people. Mboweni said they did not fight against white people. Instead, they fought against the apartheid system. They aimed to build a non-racial, non-ethnic, non-sexist, and democratic SA. According to him, these were the basic principles of the ANC.

His statement comes after the suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule's comments about the party forgiving former president FW de Klerk for his role in Apartheid but not its suspended members. He was speaking at ANC senior member Pule Mlambo's funeral service in Johannesburg. Magashule said the party would be in trouble if members failed to forgive those they were at odds with. He said If they don't forgive each other, how can they forgive De Klerk? Magashule said if they talk so nicely about De Klerk yet if they support Zuma and Mbeki you are something else.

Magashule criticized factionalism, calling on party members to unite. He said comrades must work as comrades and comrades must look at merit and quality of leadership. They must extend their hands. He, himself must extend his hand to the president of the ANC Cyril Ramaphosa. They must extend their hand to Jacob Zuma. They must extend their hand to comrade Mbeki, Kgalema and others.

Many people which including the African Transformation Movement's Mzwanele Manyi, weighed in on Mboweni's statement, expressing different opinions. His statement is not entirely honest and he knows it. Many, then advised him to honest with himself because his white friends will respect him more. He then asked him which struggle song backs up his newfound spin.

Others also weighed in saying what was the freedom charter for? Because it is talking a different story. And was Chris Hani aware of this? Because he and many others were fighting for the land and the economy. Not just to share a toilet with white people.

Someone also said It looks like leaders and people were fighting a different fight. Because ordinary people didn't see the end of Apartheid but only an upgrade. Leaders are highly rewarded for being gatekeepers of the upgrade.

Another person said they did not fight people who were stealing from black people. They fought against their way of stealing resources through discrimination. Hence politicians let them walk free with all the wealth they occupied through discrimination.

The last comment was more interesting as it said Mboweni's statement is one of the most dishonest statements. It is derived from the false promise that Apartheid was automatically administering itself. The author of it asked him how could one fight against Apartheid in the exclusion of those who were enforcing it which were white people and they were in charge of effecting apartheid laws.

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