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South Africans Are Tired Of Talking To Illegal Foreigners Now They Planned This

South Africans Are Tired Of Talking To Illegal Foreigners Now They Planned This

SOUTH AFRICA - South Africans have set aside a date, on the 25th of May 2021, to deal with illegal foreigners in South Africa. It's not that South Africans are racist or xenophobic, all they are saying is, foreigners should come through the adequate immigration process. This includes getting the right documentation and the right intention to come to South Africa must be investigated, before foreigners are permitted the permission to enter South Africa. If foreigners goal is to come work, then they need to come with a certain skill that is limited in South Africa because, South Africans already have a lot of salons, and truck and bus drivers and they don't need more. The unemployment rate us already skye high, there no need for foreigners to make it worse. This is not being xenophobic but it's about conserving the quality and dignity of our South Africa. We have illegal foreigners calling South Africans stupid in their own land, while they come here and commit horrific crimes. This is unacceptable and it's arrogant and insulting. "If we can just shutdown South Africa, just for one day we don't have to march anywhere let's just close South Africa wherever you are - Fuck ANC DA EFF iam personally tired of talking its time we take the fight to all ills."

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