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Things Not Looking Good For Illegal Foreigners Working In SA After Thulas Nxesi Said This

The issue of illegal immigration in the country needs the attention of the government but they are just keeping a closed eye and acting like they do not see what is happening. South Africans have been very vocal about how they feel about the issue of illegal foreigners in the country as this is affecting their lives directly daily.

We know many companies in the country have employed illegal foreigners mainly because they know that they will exploit them. They know that they will do anything to get a job and whatever is offered to them, they will take it. This is why we see more foreigners employed than South Africans and you hear some people saying that South Africans are lazy and foreigners are hard workers, especially Zimbabweans. But they failed to be hard workers in their country and work their land. They have run away and now they are taking jobs meant for South Africans.

Even the minister of labor Thulas Nxesi can see what South Africans have long been complaining about. He can see that things will lead to morden day slavery work if this issue of illegal immigrants is not attended to.

For now, it looks like South Africans are being xenophobic when they raise this issue, but in the long run, they will see that it was for the good of the country.

"The reason why people preferred foreigners is that they know that they are desperate, they will take anything and undermine the collective bargaining they will distort the labor market. They will take R10 even though the agreement says R50"

It now looks like the minister of labor is on board together with the minister of home affairs. Illegal foreigners don't stand a chance against South Africans. They are now fighting a lost battle of the Zim Work Permits. The conditions that the permit was issued under are quite clear, but the clever ones want to fight against that.

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