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Child Rapist elected as a mayor in Kannaland, Cape Town

The convicted child [email protected] mayor of Kannaland, Jeffrey Donson, is going nowhere, and neither is his deputy and friend, Werner Meshoa, a convicted fraudster who also lost his job as a teacher after being found guilty of sleeping with underage students in his class.

Recent and ongoing media inquiries about my 2008 conviction on statutory [email protected] and indecent assault have greatly startled and disrupted my family and me. Although the event is years old, it haunts me still and mortal wounds are bleeding again,” said Donson in a released statement.

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) said on Tuesday that it wanted to determine how a convicted child rapist was able to stand for election despite his conviction. In a statement, his party said "Icosa upholds all the rights of South Africans, including political rights, whereby every citizen has the right to vote in elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution, to stand for public office and if elected to hold office"

Jeffrey Donson is following in the path of the absurdities of bandits (ex-convicts) as Malema likes to call them who are jumping from prison into politics. The leader of Patriotic Alliance Gayton Mckenzie is one such famous example of ex-convicts who are now into politics as well


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