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6 Days To Election, Beware Of These Things Before You Vote, Especially Number 3

A few days to elections, this is the time to make a change as everyone is preparing ahead of the election, both citizens and politicians. Before the election commences, there are some things I want you, voters, to be aware of.

Here are four things I want you to be aware of below

1. It is your right to vote.

The 1st November election is for every eligible voter. When you reach the legal age, no one can stop you from voting except if convicted by the government. Know from today on that it is your right to vote on 1st November.

2. Vote for the candidate you want.

The second thing is that you vote for whoever you want. Nobody has the right to force you to vote for someone you don't want, the person can only try to convince you to vote for a candidate he or she wants. In a democracy, people are not forced to vote for a candidate. 

3. Your decision can bring change to our communities.

Know that the decision you are about to make on November 1st has its effect. If you vote for a bad leader because he is from your tribe or religion, you will bear the consequences till the next election. Vote leaders based on merit so that you will bring change to South Africa.

4. Avoid violence during elections.

Another important thing to know is that violence during elections is not good. As an eligible voter, I advise you to stay away from electoral violence because one can end up the victim of murder.

These are some of the basic things you need to be aware of as an eligible voter. This election is the time to make a difference in the politics of South Africa. Make sure you go out and vote on the 1st of November. Vote a credible politician. 

Thanks for reading my article, make sure you like, comment, and share my post. Have a great day.

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