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A Campaign In Hillbrow Calling On Zimbabweans To Go Back Home And Register To Vote In 2023

It has become very clear that South Africans have heard enough of the illegal immigrants who are all over this country behaving as if they own this country. There are some parts of this country that is full of illegal. immigrants to the point where South Africans can no longer live in those areas. Many found themselves having to abandon those areas because of how foreigners have infiltrated them. But yet you will never find any South Africans dominating any area in other African countries. But even with this, South Africans are just expected to let them do as they please because they are saying these people are refugees.

Zimbabweans doing the right thing for once.

We also know that many of the illegal foreigners who are in this country are from Zimbabwe and these are the very same people who feel like they are entitled to South Africa, for whatever reason that is known to them. But we also know that for the longest time Zimbabweans have been advised to go back to their country so that they can change the circumstances they face back home. Many of them are here in South Africa and Zimbabwe will be voting in 2023.

However, some Zimbabweans took it upon themselves to go around in Hillbrow because that is where most of them are, so that can push the campaign of going home and registering to vote.

Voting is one of the things that can change Zimbabwe and only if they go home and vote.

Some South Africans are saying that this was a good chance for the police and home affairs to arrest these people so that they can be deported. They will be able to register and they should not bother coming back. One of those Zimbabweans who was leading this campaign said that they are no longer wanted in South Africa and that it is about time they go back to their motherland. They should be proud of their country and not subject themselves to the kind of life they are living in South Africa because as it stands, South Africans want to see them gone.

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