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Is this the end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo? See who will help Nosipho to destroy him

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Apparently it seems like this might be end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo as we all know that she recently kicked Nosipho out of her own home, I mean we all know that he is a heartless man but where will Nosipho go? Because that is the only home she has. We all know that she is the one who can fight for her father's legacy hence her brother Mxolisi left long time ago, and her mother Mangcobo recently left. Nkunzi does not even know how much those businesses costs, not to mention the house and the cars he is driving. Nosipho recently tried to sell him out but the plan was unsuccessfulApparently you will remember that Nkunzi is working with his son Sibonelo and it seems like they wanted to bury her alive, but do you think that they could have nerves to do that? Not so long Nkunzi used to call Nosipho his Nana but it seems like he was pretending all this time, if Mangcobo was still around none of this was going to happen because she would fight for her daughter with all she has. Nosipho is a very strong woman just like her mother Mangcobo and it seems like Nkunzi forget who was fighting for him, Nosipho defeated Thulani, Amos and many moreDo you think Nosipho will be the last woman standing?

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