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In Shock: Look At How Much The Beitbridge Border Cost That Left Mzansi Speechless / Opinion

 Africa is one of the richest but poorest continents in Africa. Let me explain what I mean. We have a lot of minerals here like gold diamonds, oil and woods. Do you know the largest diamomd and Gold deposits in Africa .But why are we poor and suffering like this ?. Of course colonization plays a big part of poverty in Africa today but many countries have been liberated in 20 plus years and there we are still left with whites.

 Corruption plays a key role in making Africa a bad continent .Our own black leaders think of no one but themselves. They are not trying to make a better place but they want to make things better for themselves and their families.

 Zimbabwe is listed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world .Now photos of their newly built US $ 300 million Border post have been released and people are not happy. See photos below.

 It’s not like something worth US $ 300 million. It was compared to the people at the stadium in southern Africa which cost just $ 120 million.

 Maybe this is the case where they say the repairs cost US $ 300 million but maybe they spent less than that and pocketed the rest of the money in their pocket. As long as they continue to do this the country will never continue. continue to get rich while the poor become poorer.

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