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New Joburg Mayor made to beg weeks after being elected

The Mayor of Johannesburg Councillor Jolidee Matongo found himself begging the members of the public weeks after being elected. He pleaded with the members of the public to assist with putting an end to the vandalism and theft of Eskom infrastructure.

This was after there was an incident that saw electricity cables being stolen at the Johannesburg Market Centre, which saw the place being out of power for days.

The community members need to play an important role in helping protect the Eskom infrastructure, as not doing so comes back to bite them as well.

When the equipment is stolen by the thieves, it is sold for less in different places. Scrap yards are some of the possible destinations of the stolen cables. The law enforcement agencies need to visit scrap yards and repossess all gadgets that will not be having any proof of purchase.

The authorities need to shut down the second hand shops selling electrical gadgets as there is a great possibility that those are the places where stolen cables and electrical equipment is sold.

Shutting down those facilities will help restrict the stealing of Eskom's infrastructure. It is devastating to note how the Eskom infrastructure is stolen and sold for less at those scrap yards.

Another initiative that will help curb the stealing of Eskom infrastructure is through the introduction of harsher consequences to those who are found guilty of stealing.

Longer and harsh prison sentences are best for reducing the stealing of electricity cables. When the thieves get knowledge of the harsh consequences of stealing Eskom products, they will quickly repent from stealing.

When for example foreign nationals are caught stealing Eskom infrastructure and vandalizing it, deportation of such needs to be instant.

It is evident however that rules need to be readjusted in order to help avoid the vandalism of the infrastructure. The law enforcement agencies also need to shut down the places from which the stolen equipment is sold, such as scrap yards.

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